Cartacci Tube Machinery Srl

Via Comonte, 33
Seriate - BG
Italy (24068)
Tel: +39 035 294371
Contact person:
Angelika Zarutskaya
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Cartacci Tube Machinery was established at the end of the '60s, when the founder Carlo Cartacci decided to become a designer of the very tube machines he was so used to maneuver. On the strength of his consolidated experience, he began to develop drawing and straightening plants, which – in the space of thirty years – led him to deliver lines all over the world.

At the end of the 90s, the Paccani Group takes the company under its wing. The know-how acquired in more than 30 years of activity allowed the company to completely renovate the plant design through the implementation of latest-generation automation systems, largely introduced to respond to an increasingly demanding market. Today, Cartacci Tube Machinery supplies complete tube finishing lines—the natural evolution of a company that began its history with the construction of stand-alone machines. Cartacci Tube Machinery’s main feature is versatility: the Italian enterprise studies the needs of each single customer to propose the best solution for a variety of fields, such as energy, automotive, boiler making, as well as the construction of gold, brass, and bronze tubes.

With more than 500 plants put into operation since 1967, Cartacci Tube Machinery is a reliable partner for all tube manufacturers worldwide.