Caruso Fasteners

Via delle Gallarane, 10/12
Merone - CO
Italy (22046)
Tel: 0313333486
Contact person:
Antonio Caruso
Presentation Caruso Fasteners

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In 2020, Antonio Caruso started its new entrepreneurial project, withdrawing from the previous partnership, giving life to a new business with a larger scope: thus the company Caruso Fasteners was born.

Caruso Fasteners presents itself in the market as a manufacturer and distributor of fasteners for different industrial sectors, with a special emphasis on the active listening of the customer's needs throughout all the production steps, from design to prototyping, up to actual implementation, even for large lots.

Guidance in both the technical and economic choice of the right fastener. The customer is followed step by step during all stages of production.

For over 30 years at the service of fastener users. The acquired and improved technical skills allows the company staff to design any solution or solve any problem.

In addition to product quality, another crucial factor is the high quality of service, which is based on listening to the customers and addressing them politely and responsibly.