Clifford Machines & Technology (Pty) Ltd.

White Road, 24
Pietermaritzburg - Indlovu DC
South Africa (3201)
Tel: +27 33 3553450
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Clifford was founded in 1969 by Mr Clifford Sobey, who at that time, had already spent the past decade advising and consulting to the wire industry and developing and manufacturing machines for the industry. He established the company with a vision to produce top quality affordable machinery for the ferrous wire industry.

His vision has been realized over the years as Clifford developed from a small local company into an internationally recognized producer of technologically advanced machinery. The company has over the years applied sound basic engineering design principles and blended these with cutting edge technologies to produce machines allowing Clifford's customers to see significant cost, quality and production benefits in their manufacturing processes.

Clifford is situated in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. This medium sized city, the capital of the province of KwaZulu Natal, is located some 80 kilometres from Durban, the largest port in Africa and the second largest city in the country. It has all the required infrastructural requirements including road, rail, power and telecommunications to facilitate the production of our world class machinery. The facility is housed on 24000m2 and provides all the infrastructure required for design, development manufacture, assembly and testing of machines. Almost all manufacture is done in house including machining, fabrication, cutting and finishing.

The core philosophy of Clifford is to create meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our business motivation comes from a desire to create long term relationships with all role players to ensure mutually beneficial growth and profitability and to weld long lasting and committed futures between parties.