COLLARI s.n.c. di Collari Gian Luca e Valeria

via provinciale sud, 24 A/B
Italy (40050)
Tel: +39 051 977022
Fax: +39 051 977600
Contact person:
Collari Valeria
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Collari was founded in 1963 by Cav. Mario Collari along with his son Edore, who started production of rotary tiller and winding machines for metal wire in a small workshop in the town centre in response to a strong local demand. 

Today, after 40 years of ongoing activity, Collari has significantly expanded and enjoys an excellent reputation in Italy and Europe for the craftsmanship and strength of its products, generally designed for a heavy-duty professional use by a demanding clientele.

The company's manufacturing policy is to consistently apply new technologies to improve the products without penalising the robust construction for which they are noted.