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CONDAT offers an extensive range of lubricants covering all the industrial needs in the field of rod wire, cold rolling, wire drawing, drawing of bars and tubes with brand names as famous as:

VICAFIL®: the largest range of lubricants for all wire drawing applications in the industry;
STEELSKIN®: specific high tech dry lubricants range;
GALVASMOOTH®: range for galvanizing wires for hot dip processes;
CONDACLEAN: range of cleaners for all applications.

With a laboratory of 45 people and 5% of its turnover dedicated to R&D, CONDAT is ahead of the competition. In the scope of its advanced solution CONDAT offers to the wire drawing industry lubricants that meet the most recent environmental and health & safety legislations:

- low dust in workshops;
- on chemicals, REACH, biocide;
- eco-friendly lubricants, free of borax, barium, sodium nitrite.

With a large spectrum of analysis, CONDAT take into account all essential parameters for product quality and can ensure to supply to its customers products most adapted to their needs as well as a proper recommendation. It also allows CONDAT to provide its customers with the insurance that they will get consistent and reliable products worldwide.

It is this level of demand about quality and consistency of both VICAFIL / STEELSKIN ranges, linked to a commercial approach focused on technical issues which make CONDAT the reference for wire drawing lubricants.