Condoroil Group

Via Galliani, 62,
Casale Litta - VA
Italy (21020)
Tel: +39 0332 945212
Fax: +39 0332 945303
Contact person:
Stefania Panzeri
Presentation Condoroil Group

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Condoroil proposes itself as a manufacturer of chemicals formulated for the treatment of surfaces.

Upstream toward the current trends of the market, the company researches and develops products for each of the applications requested in order to furnish to its users a product that can respond fully to the production demands also by solving all the unavoidable problems emerging at the beginning and at the end of the process.

If on one side the constant investigation and the evolution of new products require a burdensome commitment of  the firm, on the other side it allows it to propose innovative solutions and to have a quick, flexible and always ready structure and mentality. As a demonstration of this, Condoroil Chemical owns several processes and patents that made possible the clearence of components dangerous both for the operator and the environment.

Quickness, flexibility and innovation, together with a recognized certification ISO 9001 make of Condoroil Chemicals the right partner for the most demanding client.