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Roll forming machines and Systems: Dallan Technology for Excellence.
For over thirty five years Dallan has been designing, manufacturing and installing precision rollformers and systems for the processing of sheet metal products, starting from sheet metal coils. Dallan’s experience and machine quality are known worldwide, across five continents and 75 countries. Dallan Company is a benchmark for the production of machines and systems for first class profiles for interior finishing, sun shading, HVAC, metal furniture, lighting and much more. Also, thanks to our specialization in pre-painted and pre-finished materials, we study and create together with our customers turnkey systems to manufacture finished products complete with punching, bending and packaging.

Dallan: over 35 years of history, growing together with you.
In 1978, after finishing his university studies, Mr. Sergio Dallan establishes the company "Dallan Ing. Sergio". Initially the company was a design study for tools for cold roll forming; in a short time it began to produce the first rollforming machines. In 1982 Mr. Dallan decided to focus the company in the production of machines for thin wall metal sections, and in 1984 Dallan opens to the international markets. The specialization in thin materials allows Dallan to focus especially on pre-painted materials and those used in the interior finishing and sunscreen applications. Thanks to the founder’s typical philosophy of attentive service to the customers' needs, Dallan company grows together with its customers starting from the supply of very simple lines for linear ceilings, up to the more complex T-bar section; from the profile of Venetian blinds up to the complete lines for rolling shutters with the injection of polyurethane foam. In 1988 Dallan then begins to establish several spin-off companies, each one specialized in a different field of the sheet metal processing.

The first one is Dalcos, company specialized in the manufacturing of coil punching machines and pre-processing systems for further rollforming, bending and folding. In 1993 Simeoni Srl is established to produce rollforming tools for Dallan and later it specializes in the production of precision moulds and dies.

Over the years, all the machines start to include more and more technology and electronics and for this reason Elda Srl is established in 1996 to produce automation systems and software. Finally, the customers’ increasing needs for automation lead to the creation in 2001 of Ada Srl, which is manufacturing systems for the packaging of the profiles made by Dallan machines

The companies keep working as a network until 2013, when all are merged into Dallan Spa: a Synergy that finally strengthens the technological assets of the different companies, with advanced knowledge of products and processes, hundreds of patents and the experience of over thirty years and hundreds of professionals.