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Lecco - LC
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Founded in 1980 DEFREMM spa was founded as one-man business “Minuterie Metalliche G.Molinari” in 1962 and was oriented to blind rivets production at first.

Through the experience, the investments in a steady research and development of new technologies, the constant professional improvement of qualified staff, DEFREMM has been specializing over the years in the production of small metal parts made by wire cold deformation of several materials, thereby diversifying its own production range.

DEFREMM offers to the market flexible solutions of high technology and utmost reliability designed to more wide-ranging employments.

The constant commitment to keep up with the times and the market evolution, the correct employment of the available means and resources enabled DEFREMM to achieve a high competitiveness level and get place successfully in the market. Today the exportation represents about 60% of the production to many countries in the world for customers belonging to several businesses firstly automotive and household appliances.

DEFREMM has a wide range of machine tools required for the production of the equipment components and the maintenance of the production machines. In this way our company can act in compliance with planned times and ensure high reaction capacity in every situation.

The washing and heat treatments floor enabling to act independently. If required by specifications, the final processing (zinc plating, heat treatments of hardening and tempering) are entrusted to qualified sub suppliers.