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The right equipment built the right way.

We believe making wire drawing dies in-house is the most cost effective, flexible and quality driven option for a wire mill. At Die Quip we are proud legacy of helping mills achieve this goal by building die finishing machines strong enough for reworking used wire dies with speed and accuracy.

The success of a die shop’s quality directly affects the wire mill’s productivity which is why we build our machines on rigid steel platforms to easily cut dies to meeting points which controls bearing lengths. By using this system our bearing lengths are controlled mathematically so the results are consistent repeatable and easily managed by operators. Our angle setting gages enable you to consistently produce accurate die angles better than 90% of industry standards.

We have stand-alone machines for finishing dies in all sizes. To keep maximum efficiency for larger production runs we build work cells of two or more machines to eliminate downtime from size changeovers. lt also allows for better meeting point diameter control to hold tighter tolerances. The work cell can utilize semi or automatic machines depending on your production needs.

Our approach to a modern die shop brings huge benefits to the whole production process by implementing a work flow system that sets procedures and incorporates training to maximize each machine’s capabilities.

Get more than a machine

Get more than a machine with Die Quip’s training programs. We have designed many extensive training programs and on site consultations that teach operators how to use our equipment, choose diamond tooling for maximum results and different methods of making dies. Our technicians will spend time in your facility designing a program customized to meet your production needs and provide reference materials such as our exclusive Die Training Handbook. We can eliminate many drawing problems and lower costs associated with incorrect die usage.

Our customer service doesn't end with a purchase order. We support you through installation, training and troubleshooting for the life of the machine. At Die Quip we build relationships with our customers worldwide through a network of industry representatives that can support, translate and train in your facility.

We have designed our own line of diamond tooling products to meet the heavier demands of an in-house die shop. Our diamond compound, powders and suspensions require less product to achieve faster cutting speeds and superior mirror finishes in less time due to consistent particle suspension, even distribution and quality ingredients.

Our electroplated grinding pins cut faster and last longer because they are made from hardened tool steel to resist bending during heavy grinding. The angles are precision ground not turned for accuracy 3 times better than other brands. Our electro-grip process produces a superior bond to the steel with almost no stripping.

Grinding a finish into larger wire dies controls the geometry better, produces a flatter surface and reduces injury to operators by eliminating hand polishing which is very stressful on hand and shoulder joints. Our specially engineered bonded polishing pins can produce mirror (2Ra) finishes on dies larger than 6mm in half the time as diamond compound by machine or hand polishing.

An essential part of the die making process is being able to measure the die. We have designed our machine to reduce the need to inspect the angle and if the meeting point method is used the bearing length is controlled mathematically by measuring the meeting point diameter. We have a complete line of measuring products for the diameter, angle, bearing length and surface finish from simple calibration pins and microscopes to fully automatic die measuring systems.