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Presentation EASYDUR Srl

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Easydur Italiana was established in 1985, when the owner Mr. Renato Affri, aware of the experience gained during the many years spent within the family-run company, planning and manufacturing hardness testers, decided to take an active role in a manufacturing field- that of springs control- which was poor at that period.

Thanks to the pioneer spirit, which has always characterized him, and thanks to his sound technical qualification he was able to develop EASYDUR and take it to high technological levels. EASYDUR has been the first company to apply a camera on the hardness testers for Brinell’s tests, thus revolutionizing the world of hardness testing. This news was really appreciated and welcomed by the market, obtaining a huge success. At the same time, Easydur has focused on the problem of springs, so it planned and developed increasingly technological measuring and control instruments in order to meet the demanding requests of the market, by cooperating with its customers, university centers and gathering all the different requests received. Today, we are proud we can offer a comprehensive range of measuring instruments (from 10N to 100Ton) for compression, tensile, torsion and hardness tests as well as vision systems for image analysis that have been adopted by our national and international customers in different sectors, such as: aeronautics, automotive, railways, spring manufacturers, forges and foundries.

Both the software (based on Windows XP/Excel) and the hardware are developed in our company, so that we can be flexible and customize our devices according to the customer’s specific needs.

The company can all the same offer a wide range of machine tools, since it has always had a mechanical vocation and has always manufactured the inner mechanical parts of the devices. 

All our machines and automatic plants fully comply with the European and international laws and can be certified by any official calibration center. Our after-sale service is present all over the world and is carried out by our highly-skilled technical staff.

Easydur milestones are tenacity and flexibility that have always guaranteed the resolution of the different possible cases in the field of quality and control.