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Effegidi S.P.A. (in 2002 it became EFFEGIDI International Spa due to industrial strategies) was born, over 30 years ago, from the experience of operators and technicians devoted to this field. Noticing the lack of a flexible and dynamic structure on the market of converters, they established this new company oriented to slit, lamination and coating of plastic films (such as Polyester, Polypropylene etc.) and non ferrous metals (such as aluminum, copper) deserving special attention to those materials intended for cable wrapping and insulation.

After the fist experiences, continuously in contact with the technicians of the major international cable makers, important affirmations in this field arrived. A difficult and hard path, always full of constant development under every profile both concerning technical and material growth. Now we can affirm that EFFEGIDI International has become a strong reality at international level, capable to study and realize, with technical competence and precision, the various necessities that customers may request in respect of quality and service. Although they have grown remarkably during these years, both in terms of volumes and employers, Effegidi International enjoy of such flexibility, which, thanks to a good versatile and easy flowing organization, allows them to face in short time the most disparate situations, ensuring at the same time quality and precision, in addition to a continuous and constant research of functional improvements of the product and services offered.

The Company, even if with more than 50 people, both production and offices considered, has remained easily "flexible" thanks to the presence of the pioneer founders, who are managing with ability and wisdom the company life, together with the effective cooperation of qualified employers. In front of these results, wish and enthusiasm are not lacking, on the contrary, the will to invest in new energies, in machinery and people led the company to research new opportunities, for growing more and more on the market giving more emphasis to new products.

The Company is equipped with a good sales network of operative Agents located in several nations worldwide, who allow the Company a steady development, and consequently to be up to the task of customers. Nowadays, it's possible to affirm that the major important productive realities in this branch are cooperating in different terms, using the range of our products. Besides the cable area, Effegidi International is dealing with innovative products in packaging area too. We are trading different types of film (such as polyester, polypropylene, nylon, PVC) which are supplied to flexible packaging printers. Furthermore, we are creating, in our inside, different opportunities of film lamination for many foodstuffs packaging and others.

The first foundation stone at Effegidi was laid in 1973. Nowadays 55 people are working at Colorno plant, guided by the President and founder of the company.

A concordant generational flow is an element of great stability of the company. From spring 2006 on, the company changed its direction structure in order to be even more oriented towards market challenges. This was the beginning of a new period which, thanks to experience and past results, will raise further looking for new energies and more modern setting. .

Coordinating acquired knowledge to a management system, always more oriented towards quality and intended to be above all as a company managing tool, represents new direction’s target.

Effegidi was born acting in adhesive tapes and brushes areas ( from 1973 to 1980). In 1980 production of laminates for electric cable shielding started, together with sales of card board lamination and packaging films.

Our main strengths are: reliability, competence and cooperation

Mission: "Being a leader in the knowledge of the creation of high quality technical laminates for shielding, wrapping and protecting the world"

Target: Supporting our customers in their search for new potentials, developing a research oriented towards improvement of the following points: - Efficacy, through studying new and more appropriate materials - Efficiency, thanks to our control of the laminate quality in order to guarantee rapidity and lack of irregularities on finished product.