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ELOF AB has been helping global companies to handle their heavy goods for over 20 years.
Elof's heavy load handlers allow quick, safe and easy transport of heavy goods indoors.

The Heavy Load Handler, the heart of the Elof solution, is a modular combination of driving unit and application-specific load unit that is able to easily lift and move cable drums, steel coils, pallets and similar heavy loads.

ELOF low lift technology allows lifting without the need of a traditional counterweight resulting in light unladen weight, compact size and greater manoeuvrability.

Specially designed load distribution and high load wheels minimise potentially damaging pressure applied on the floor without compromising acceleration and braking.

Thanks to its lightweight design the machine is also fully electrical, without releasing harmful pollutants that may affect people and the sensitive manufacturing process where the transporter is used.

The result of 20 years of testing and continuous improvement makes the Elof Heavy Load Handler the best compact, reliable and emission free solution available.

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