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Enco Tecnologie’s mission is to give value-added support to fastener manufacturers by offering decades of experience to our customers. Our Company, specializing in the design and manufacture of quality tooling for forming and stamping, is able to offer the highest quality products and complete service in a consultative format, from research, to recommendation of suitable machines, through to production of final item.

Today, given the partnerships our Engineering and Import Departments have established with reliable international  manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of machines and equipment needed by every fastener producer.  

The design of forming tools done at our facilities is based on many years of experience in the fastener industry and controlled and verified by the most modern of quality control systems used in the plastic deformation. We can confront and provide solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges the Fastener market faces today without losing sight of our clients’ production requirements and manufacturing capabilities.

Enco Tecnologie has an operational functionality advantage that we can pass along to our clients. The machines our manufacturing plant is equipped with allow us to quickly modify or adjust a tool, freeing our customers from onerous production downtimes that often lead to increased costs or poor delivery to end-users.

Final product
ENCO Tecnologie offers customers another alternative. Besides the purchase of a machine, our clients can evaluate the option of securely importing quality finished product such as nuts, studs, bolts, screws and special parts. This may be considered a good solution to overcome the problems of long lead-times related to machine purchases.