Eredi Airoldi s.r.l.

Via Fiume, 10
Civate - LC
Italy (23862)
Tel: +39 0341 210093
Fax: +39 0341 210109
Contact person:
Sig. Airoldi
Drawn wire 
Presentation Eredi Airoldi srl

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Our company was founded in 1943 as "Airoldi Mario", workshop dedicated to mould and small metallic parts production, with headquarters in Lecco - San Giovanni (Italy).

During the 70's, the company turned more into cold mill work of metal wire, both for internal use and for sale, moving in 1993 to the new headquarters in Civate (LC).

At the moment the production is split in 8 mill lines, covering a sheltered area of more than 1300 square meters.

Thanks to the experience acquired in more than 60 years of work, we are able to fulfill every kind of need our customers may have, respecting quality and schedule we are requested.

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