ESSEBI Cold Forming Machines

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Ozzero - MI
Italy (20080)
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Established 1973, ESSEBI is one of the few manufacturer, who offers a wide line of cold forming machines. We can produce on our machines all standard and special cold formed parts in small, middle and bigger sized diameter starting from 3mm to 17mm in all popular materials (like Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass).

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Our scope of delivery includes the production and development of Multistation-Machines with 3, 4, 5 and 6 Dies all designed in a modular system. We direct our attention to the ergonomic and easy accessibility to all critical areas of the machines, in order to guarantee an easy adjustment and working for the operators. Of course it is possible to connect the machines with further production units, like Thread rolling Machines or Pointers.

Our range of production is completed with Rotary Headers.In the middle of the 90ties ESSEBI started, after diagnosing the movement of standard parts to Asia, to re-structure the company and to invest in new technology. Primary we put our efforts to extend the tech. and development department, improvement of service as well as the manufacturing of machines for special demands, backed up by the purchase of means of production state of the art. Permanent new and further development stands out ESSEBI as manufacturer of production systems to reasonable price. As a reaction to the movement of the production locations respectively investments of our European partners towards to the Asian Aria, in the new millenium ESSEBI decided to open a facility in Shanghai/China, in order to support their European partners as well as to serve with our products the Asian market.

Our facility there manufactures the same range of machines like in Italy under steady quality control and supervision by our Italian engineers. Also here is valid, customer satisfaction compatible with a healthy competition.

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