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EUROCARBIDE is specialized in designing and manufacturing tools and special equipment in tungsten carbide for wiredrawing and for any other application where a high resistance to fretting corrosion is required; in particular our products are meant for the sectors of cold-deformation of metals and presswork.

We’re focused on producing and manufacturing components both in hard metal and with steel supports for the wire-drawing, rolling and extrusion of ferrous metals as well as copper, brass, aluminium and their alloys. Our service is perfect wherever heightened resistance to wear from use is necessary.

We produce round button dies of all shapes and dimensions, cylindrical or shaped roller bearings, blank or adjusted plates for hard metal moulding, polishing discs, saddles for decomposable cold drawing, shaving tools for copper rod, extrusion dies, tools for modular boxes and other various types of component.

Continuous investment has led to great strides forward in terms of productivity, speed of delivery and widening the range of manufacturing processes we carry out mechanically using hi-tech numerical control systems. Our Quality Control Laboratory is fitted with equipment of the highest precision to ensure dimensional accuracy for any tool or component, and allows us to satisfy any technical or qualitative client needs. This has made us a respected authority in a fiercely competitive and ever-changing market.

For Eurocarbide, quality always comes first: our organisation has held ISO 9001-2008 certification from the IGQ Institute since 1996. The raw materials we use come only from carefully selected suppliers, ensuring that we receive the best carbon (and/or alloy) steel, sintered hard metals, polycrystalline diamonds and sintered metals for extrusion dies.