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Eurospecial S.r.l. was established in 1997 by combining the 20-year experience of Casiraghi Ambrogio, Tentori Eugenio and Vergani Carlo in the field of special tools realization for screws pressing. 

Thank to the wide range of its machinery equipment, Eurospecial S.r.l. can realize many different kinds of pieces (either of standard dimensions or from specific drawings or samples). One of the most important departments is the precision grinding workshop, which enables Eurospecial S.r.l comfortably handle both small and mid-size production lines, even on behalf of third parties, for round grinding, inner grounding, plane grinding and creep-feed applications.

Over the last three years great investments have been made in order to increase the machinery equipment: three new high-performance creep-feed grinding plants have been installed. These new machines operate through high pressure lubro-cooling and are equipped with the most innovative diamond roll dressing, which guarantees complete replication of metal processing and highly precise executions.

The new machinery equipment enabled Eurospecial S.r.l. achieve high standard levels in the market of construction / regeneration of flat dies for thread rolling used for production of screws and bolts , as well as in the field of processing of parts with complicated profiles or made of hardly grinding materials (i.e. HSS for M2 and M42 tools and high chrome/ nickel steel.)An effective cost-efficiency Quality Control System throughout the whole production process, an on-going update of the relevant CN programs and processing cycles and investments in new technologies for treating and regenerating tools have made Eurospecial be in the van in terms of high standards, quality, performance, reliability and duration of the tools produced or regenerated. Our best Clients are the most important screws/bolt for car producers.