Fasb Linea 2 srl

Via Tenente Confalonieri, 24
Cremella - LC
Italy (23894)
Tel: +39 0399 55 075
Fax: +39 0399 210 507
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FASB Linea 2 is a metalworking company that specialises in the machining of metal pipes. Founded in 1981 as a small workshop located in the garage of the enterprising owner Luigi Fumagalli’s home, it now covers an area of approximately 5,000 square meters, of which about 3,000 are covered This constant growth has enabled FASB to gain a significant position on the national and international market.

This success is essentially due to the technology used, which is always state-of-the-art, and to the knowledge and skill of the staff employed.

FASB is able to offer a complete range of machining operations thanks to the variety of departments it comprises:

- laser cutting department
- cutting department
- pipe PVC coating department
- pipe bending department
- extruded element processing department
- welding department
- painting department

All this enables FASB to provide its customers with a complete product, from raw materials to finished product, with each step in the entire manufacturing process followed with care to guarantee its quality, ready to be put straight onto the market or into an assembly line, according to how the product in question is to be used.

FASB’s great experience, combined with the high technology it uses, has also resulted in partnerships with various customers, including large world level industrial groups, for joint study of new and innovative manufacturing processes and new types of product that have been very well received on the market.

Its extremely favourable geographic position means that FASB is easy to reach from all over Italy and from abroad:located approximately 30 km from Milan, 20 km from Lecco, 25 km from Bergamo, it is also not far from Switzerland and from the main international airports, which are not more than 50 km away, and the port of Genoa which lies at approximately 150 km.

Thanks to its European level technological backing and the high flexibility and dynamism of the human resources it employs, the company is in a position to deal with the often rapid evolutions typical of international markets,