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Presentation FLYMCA S.L.

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FLYMCA is a modern industrial company involved in the manufacturing of cable machinery whose designs combine technology with high robustness, reliability, easy operation and low maintenance.


FLYMCA has its own manufacturing and assembling facilities. The company builds all type of stranders : rigid, tubular, bow stranders and bow cablers, planetary, drum twisters, double twist bunchers, SZ laying-up machines as well as ancillary equipment such as pay-offs, take-ups, capstans and caterpillars, taping heads, binding heads, preformers, postformers, compacting heads, sector shape correction devices, etc...


FLYMCA has warehouses for assembling any type of machinery as big they are, with overhead rolling cranes and working devices adapted to any equipment to build. It has working centers as well as a machinery stocking warehouse.


The manufacturing of the main critical parts is realized in our factory. For that we own modern CNC mechanizing machines. All the control instruments are regularly verified by a specialized company with a certified laboratory which ensures every year that they are in optimal conditions of use.

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