Gauder s.a.

Rue de la Révision, 93,
Chênée -
Belgium (4032)
Tel: +32 4 3678787
Fax: +32 4 3678798
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Welcome to Gauder s.a.,
the Second-hand Machines division
of the Gauder Group.

Short Delivery and Services are the cornerstones of the Gauder activity.
More than 1000 machines are immediately available from stock.
All ready to manufacture Wires, Conductors, Cables, Ropes or Steel Products.

Gauder s.a. has earned a leadership position providing complete solutions :
machines + services
Since 1976, Gauder has delivered more than 10,000 used machines throughout the world. The Company maintains and develops the availability of a large and modern stock of equipment on 25,000 sq metre premises in Liège, Belgium (click here to enter online stock and see new entries in real time). A fully-equipped workshop is dedicated to technical services.
The covered processes include casting, drawing, rolling, stranding, cabling, closing, braiding, screening, armouring, welding, tinning, metal sheathing, plastic coating, compounding, colouring...

Customers can benefit from our 35 years experience in supplying efficient, proven and profitable solutions for manufacturing. The solutions we propose are not only based on an existing machine-stock, allowing short deliveries, limited risks and low capital investments, but they also rest on our ability to provide services, projects analysis as well as experiences or know-how transfers."

Gauder s.a., a member of the Gauder Group
Founded by Edgar Gauder, the Gauder Group is also composed of Pourtier s.a.s. and Setic s.a.s. (France), Gauder Group, Inc (USA), Gauder Group China as well as Daloo (China), providing new rotating machines. For more information, visit