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Generaltubi S.p.A. trades and draws steel tubolar products since 1963. The business and productive office is located in the northern suburbs of Turin, near the main motorway, and occupies an area of about 30.000 m2. The industrial unit is composed by nine rationally placed buildings to simplify the stocking, the production and the right handling of our products.

The main business consists of selling steel pipes produced by the biggest Italian and European ironworks. The big range of sizes, grades and steel types always available in our storehouse, permit a fast and accurate market and customers’ requirement satisfaction. We mainly deal these types of goods:

- big thickness pipes for mechanical quality applications
- carbon and alloy steel cold-drawn precision pipes for mechanical use, cylinders, termic application and oleodinamic
- carbon and alloy steel pipes for termic applications (boilers)
- black and galvanized gas pipes available welded or without welding
- drawn forms for special and universal joints

Generaltubi S.p.A. own a cold-drawing mill, equipped with valid machinery and uses strengthened technologies to product the drawn material.

The overhead direction knows that the quality is one of the most important parameter to satisfy the customers’ requirements. The corporation strategy lay the quality as priority and cooperate at each level and in each area to create a Quality System manual, promoting and supporting enterprises to improve the quality. Each product is purchased, machined and traded complying with the procedures forecasted in the manual, agreeing with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. As confirmation of our engagement, an international homologated agency certifies our society’s Quality System agreeing with ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

In our industrial plant we have a modern and equipped technological laboratory used for the qualitative inspections on the materials and during the production. Our lab is managed by qualified personnel, is I.S.P.E.S.L. homologated and is recognized by the main testing agencies.

In the last few years the market hasn’t been too much favourable but with a right invests policy and an accurate property management, permitted the rising of our society potencial by building new departements and acquairing new technologies. The innovation project is still in evolution and as primary purpose we want to keep our results and to find new sights, useful to improve the quality of our products and service, so the society may be more competitive and we can better satisfy the market’s requirements.