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Founded in 1978 by Gianluigi Marangoni.

Gimax has always played a leading role in the development of innovative machinery to handle ferrous and non-ferrous wire.


The 1980s saw the first range of semi-automatic respoolers, the “POLI” series which are still being used today.


The 1990s saw Gimax successfully introduce the FIRST ever fully automatic respooler, the “ROBO” series that still remains the most reliable, efficient and the most cost-effective respooler that the market can offer today.


The 2000s saw Gimax revolutionise the “INF” series of drum packers, making them the most compact, the most efficient and the fastest available on the market.


Since 2010, Gimax has introduced a totally new concept in fully automatic respooling, the “REV” series, as well as an updated shaving process for aluminium wire (“SBA” series), and has completely renewed its range of wire drawing equipment.


Today, after more than 42 years of activity in the wire industry, Gimax has firmly established itself as the world leader when it comes to respooling and handling wire, with more than 2000 machines sold worldwide, of which:

1200 are semi-automatic respoolers of the “POLI” series


250 are fully automatic respoolers of the “ROBO” series

140 are drum packers of the “INF” series