H. Folke Sandelin AB

Dynamovägen, 7
Motala -
Sweden (591 61)
Tel: +46 (0)141203630
Fax: +46 (0)141203639
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HFSAB, formerly known as H. Folke Sandelin AB, was founded in 1958 by Mr. H. Folke Sandelin and Mr. Agar Runevall. They ran the company together until 1963 when Mr. H. Folke Sandelin, at the age of 77 , left the company. Owned by the Runewall family until 2003.

Headquarted in Motala, Sweden, HFSAB uses a number of high quality suppliers. The heavy and important parts have for the past 40 years been manufactured by local suppliers.

For nearly 60 years, HFSAB has specialized in the development and manufacture of various types of product solutions for the cable industry. HFSAB's tale of success started already in the 1930s with a need for rubber cable for vacuum cleaners. Nowadays, we are a world leader in the production of machines for extruded lead-covered cables.