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Alberto Gabika
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Heroslam (HP), founded in 1942, is an international leader in the design and manufacture of thread rolling tools for manufacturers of screws, nails and fasteners, primarily geared toward the aeronautics and automotive industry.
At Heroslam, we believe in people. We are a company under the ownership of the workers themselves, and our success is based on our team's commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. On a daily basis, each of us contributes our effort, know-how and talent to attain shared objectives under a series of basic premises like mutual respect, everyone's participation and constant learning, which we consider fundamental for ongoing, sustainable growth as a company.

With nearly 70 years of experience, we are able to offer thread rolling tools of exceptional quality on the market, a complete range of products including flat thread rolling dies and planetary thread rolling dies, as well as cylindrical thread rolling dies, and first-class service that gives our customers the chance to reuse their used threading tools through our tool regrinding service.

At Heroslam we are strongly focused on improving the quality and durability of our thread rolling tools. Thanks to our ongoing search for excellence and technological innovation, we are proud to manufacture reliable and consistent thread rolling dies with a long service life and excellent performance during the production process, all of which significantly reduces operating costs for our customers
Technical assistance

In addition to our standard thread tolling tools, we offer our customers first-rate technical advising on the design and manufacture of special tools for specific applications, in keeping with each customer's own needs. In this sense, depending on the final application, we produce our thread rolling dies using different steels, like our K alloy, and different surface treatments developed in-house, like GOGOR.