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Hyperion Materials & Technologies, formerly Sandvik Hyperion, is a global, full-line provider of innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, including wire drawing, metal forming and steel production. We empower our customers to improve business performance with effective and wear-resistant applications in polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cemented tungsten carbide and other advanced materials. Our extensive quality management system, global supply chain and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to fully control our production process, from tungsten carbide or diamond powder to finished products or blanks.


Hyperion is born out of GE, Diamond Innovations and Sandvik Hard Materials. Heavy investment in pioneering research and development is our foundation, and partnership with our customers to create innovative technologies and material solutions are the building blocks for our continued growth. Learn more about the creation of Hyperion in 2018.


Hyperion has been manufacturing wire dies and metal forming tools since the late 1940s and tungsten carbide rolls for the steel hot rolling industry since the early 1950s, giving us a wealth of experience in a variety of user applications. Our fully integrated manufacturing process and high level of automation enables us to produce high volumes and consistent quality.


We have advanced production and R&D capabilities located in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and our global footprint enables us to provide local support.

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