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IABG – We qualify your springs

The fatigue strength of springs and anti-roll bars under real operating conditions is subject to numerous influencing factors. Besides the mechanical stress resulting from the mounting and the application profile, the fatigue life of springs and anti-roll bars mainly depends on material, manufacturing and environmental influences. Real damage is usually a combination of different factors:

  • Materials
  • Dimensioning and manufacturing influences
  • Cyclical loading
  • Corrosion

In order to estimate the fatigue life of springs and anti-roll bars we consider the relevant causes of damage in an experimental fatigue analysis, especially with regard to the influence of corrosion, the most frequently occurring damage mechanism. From development to actual qualification, we offer you aggregate services from a single source and take all decisive influences into account:

  • Optimum test planning with regard to the relevant influences
  • Cost-efficient testing with specially developed spring testing systems
  • VDI 3822-compliant damage analysis in our own facilities

IABG can implement all test specifications for spring testing.

IABG – We build your test benches

IABG mbH (Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH) designs and builds test benches for several applications: spring testing, testing of steering and suspension systems, verification of mechanical actuators, electric drives, sensors, sway bars - among others.

IABG’s portfolio covers the engineering, manufacture and of course start up and servicing of test benches, as well as test facilities embodying many years of experience in fatigue strength testing and in the development of test procedures.

IABG can act as general contractor for special test benches, and provide a wide range of test facilities and components for structural tests, mainly requested for aeronautical, automotive, mobility, geodata services, defence & security, energy and aerospace applications.
Four different testing buildings and various equipment is at disposal to perform functional tests, endurance and fatigue tests, controls and verifications of thermal fatigue strength and vibration tests for the widest range of components.

Customer-specific adaptations or new tailored solutions are available, so spring manufacturers, producers of metal parts and other components are invited to ask for individual counselling and advice.

IABG. The Future.

IABG offers integrated, ground-breaking solutions in the sectors Automotive • InfoCom •
Mobility & Energy • Environment & Geodata Services • Aeronautics • Space • Defence &
Security. We provide independent and competent consulting. We implement with future
viability and target orientation. We operate reliably and sustainably. Our success is based on
an understanding of market trends and requirements, on our staff’s technological excellence
and a fair relationship with our customers and business partners.