ICE Wire Line Equipment, Inc.

Rue Mazurette, Suite 110, 1315
Montréal - Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal
Canada (H4N 1G8)
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The I.C.E. Group, a Canadian industrial and combustion equipment was established in 1958. For almost fifty years, it provided excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing, and service to the heat treatment and wire production industries.

In 2007, the I.C.E. Group was taken over by two of its longstanding employees, becoming I.C.E. Wire Line Equipment Inc.
With over twenty five years of experience behind them, the new managerial and production team continue to provide the same R & D and high-quality industrial equipment to its global client base.

I.C.E. Wire Line operates from its head office and factory headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and has a dedicated team of agents in Europe, Mexico, China, Japan, Taiwan and many South American and sub-Continent countries. The dedicated team of I.C.E. Engineers worldwide is continually improving the design and efficiencies of our wire production equipment.

I.C.E. Wire Line provides modem, efficient and fast operating wire production lines available in today's industry.

By offering advanced international technology for the processing of high and low carbon ferrous steel wire, I.C.E. Wire Line is one of the top leaders in the supply of turnkey projects for the wire industry.

This brochure shows only part of the many individual capital items which are designed, engineered and manufactured to satisfy the unique requirements of each individual customer. Every project is engineered to incorporate the most up-to-date technology and experience,
which is being continually developed through aggressive R & D within I.C.E.