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Created in 1959, ITAL is now a global leader in wire and cable coating technology.

We are an international corporation, where a diversity of cultures, languages, and ways of life come together on equal footing.

Highly qualified and motivated employees work together in 38 countries to maintain and expand our position as a global key market player.

For more than 50 years, ITAL has specialized in the design and manufacturing of machinery and plants for coating of electrical cables with rubber and thermoplastics, as well as extrusion lines for rubber profiles. Now we are a global ‘one stop shop’ for the production of customized and innovative technology solutions for cable and wire suppliers.

We develop full projects for a number of markets and applications, providing the highest level of efficiency at competitive prices.

Our complete lines, machines, parts, service, revamping solutions are used in key industrial sectors, such as: construction, energy, IT and telecommunications.

Behind every ITAL machine lie the abilities of a reliable, solid company that, for more than 50 years, has invested in high quality materials and supply, as well as in highly-skilled staff. Today ITAL has a new management team completing an efficient organization.

We proactively support our customers at a global and local level, throughout the whole development process. Everything we do is focused on understanding our customers’ requirements and delivering tailored solutions that meets their needs precisely – from single machines to complete lines, from revamping to accessories and spare parts.
To consolidate our position, we will continue to increase our investments in technology, innovation, enhancing our passion for change and uncompromising performance.