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Electro-graphite brushes for direct current motors
Electro-graphite brushes for rotating machines
Electro-graphite brushes for alternating current motor
Electro-graphite brushes for slip rings
Electro-graphite brushes for funfair machines and carousels
Carbo-graphite brushes for turbo alternators
Carbo-graphite brushes for small and medium electric motors
Carbo-graphite brushes for micro motors
Carbo-graphite brushes for motor vehicles dynamos
Carbo-graphite brushes for universal motors
Hard coal brushes for universal motors
Hard coal brushes for electric tools motors
Hard coal brushes for rotating electric machines
Hard coal brushes for current contacts
Bakelite-graphite brushes for small and medium electric generators
Bakelite-graphite brushes for collector motors
Bakelite-graphite brushes for electric motors with variable speed
Bakelite-graphite brushes for repulsion motors
Bakelite-graphite brushes for universal electric motors
Bakelite-graphite brushes for auxiliary exciter
Metal-graphite brushes for grounding rotating taps
Metal-graphite brushes for direct current rotating electric machines
Metal-graphite brushes for starting motors for vehicles
Metal-graphite brushes for synchronized asynchronous motors
Metal-graphite brushes for rings collectors
Metal-graphite brushes for alternator excitation slip rings
Metal graphite brushes for rotating power outlets
Silver-graphite brushes for tachymetryc dynamos
Silver-graphite brushes for low voltage micro motors
Silver-graphite brushes for creeping contacts
Silver-graphite brushes for measurement signals transmitters
Carbon brushes for fork lift trucks
Carbon brushes for electric tools and various carbon brushes
Sliding contacts for cranes and overhead travelling cranes
Sliding contacts for lifts and elevators
Carbon vanes for pumps and vacuum pumps
Carbon resin bushings
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Since 1985 Lampar manufactures carbon brushes of any type and dimension for electrical machines, using raw carbon materials from a German supplier. Year by year the company has enlarged the production range, including standard and special brush-holders, slip rings, commutators, pumice-stone bars and abrasive rubbers for collectors cleaning.

Basing on more than 20 years of experience in this field, the company is able to satisfy any request of the customers, manufacturing carbon brushes from drawings and/or samples with different grades of materials. Materials quality, processing accuracy, reasonable delivery times, competitive prices, constant efforts and availability to support the customers make Lampar a trusty supplier.

Ability and professional approach are supported by careful and constant research of new equipment and machinery, as well as a timely maintenance of processing plants, allowing to optimize both execution and delivery.

Our customer list includes:

- all-round builders and repairers of electrical machines;
- builders and repairers of electric elevators;
- manufacturers of various machines;
- manufacturers of electric tools;
- manufacturers of electromechanical components;
- dealers and resellers
- electrical, steel, plastic, paper, food, textile, mechanical, chemical, galvanic and concrete building industries;

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