Leading Machinery Germany GmbH (LMG)

Zeppelinstraße, 44
Ostfildern - Süd
Germany (73760)
Tel: +39 3440488596
Contact person:
Edwin Pasterk
Products and services
Wire straighteners with adjustable rollers
Bearings and rollers for straighteners
Wire guides for wire, strip and cable
Auto centering device for cables and tubes
Guide rollers for wire, cable, strip and plastic profiles
Feeders for wire, tube, strip and cable
Rotating die holders for single and double die
Rotating die holders for dry drawing machines
Electronic and mechanical traversing units for wire and cable
Roller straightener for ribbed wire
Straightening and cutting machines for wires, profiles and TIG welding rod
Electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic cutting devices for wire, rod and profiles
Pre-straightening machine rod feeders
Shearing, cutting, straightening and bending portable tools
Portable electro-hydraulic punching tools
Electro-hydraulic shears for metallic wire, rod and cable
Electric shears and cutting tools
Shredder for wire and cable waste and heavy duty banding
Rod straightener with hydraulic power pack
Automatic stripping machine for mineral insulated cables
Digital servo brushless drives
DC drives
Line-side braking units and resistors
Three-phase half-controlled line modules for DC-BUS applications
Rolling Cassettes
Carbide rolls for wire rolling
Roll holders
Roll holder unlocker
Optical devices for roll setup
Wire and tube CNC bending machines
Work cells for railway clips and wiper arms production
Auxiliary machines and equipment for wire, tube, and strip
Straightening machines for wire, rods, tubes, and profiles
Drawing machines for wire and tube
Ultrasonic cleaner for industrial degreasing
Shredding, compacting, and briquetting machines
Metal treatment and recovery machines
Presentation Leading Machinery Germany GmbH

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Leading Machinery Germany is the German supplier of the brand names of Cometo, Tramev, AMPE, Felisari, Promills, Alvaro, and OMCG.

The company’s foundations are built upon high quality products, integrity and mutual business relationships, backed up by 50 years of experience in the manufacture and application of high-tech equipment in the wire, rod, cable and electronics industries.

Leading Machinery Germany offers highly efficient and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, spare parts as well as a consulting service during assembly, commissioning or maintenance operations.

The company can count on a spare parts warehouse in Ostfildern, near Stuttgart, and is responsible for the German-speaking area.

Several other branches are located around the world: Italy (Leading Machinery Italy) and Canada (Aitmac).