Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH

Am Forst, 1
Vohenstrauß - Oberpfalz
Germany (92648)
Tel: +49 9651/930-0
Fax: +49 9651/930-299
Contact person:
Josef Lang
+49 9651/930-281
Presentation Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH

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Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH combines two consolidated state-of-the-art technologies: the family-run company is a global player as well as a regional partner for the wire and cable industry and for hydropower plants. By deploying innovation, flexibility and a lot of commitment, Lukas implements technical solutions most individually to achieve a maximum of success. With its high tech products, LUKAS Anlagenbau GmbH ensures cutting edges and sustainable efficiency.

Complete machinery and accessories for wire and cable industry

All the activities are clearly defined: individual contact to all the customers, special knowledge about their requests and as a result that special solution for everyone.

The current production range includes:
- Spinning Lines for Glassfibre and Daglas
- Taping Lines for special applications (e. g. Mica Taping)
- Drawing Machines in different versions
- Rewinding equipment
- Tinning Units for Copper Wire 0.071 - 1 mm dia.
- Weighing-, Labelling-, Packing-, and Palletizing Units
- Annealing Units for non-ferrous metal and stainless steel
- Pay-Offs
- Take-Ups
- Oven Plants
- Accumulators
- Upgrading/Modernization of existing machinery