Viale Italia, 115A
Gussago - BS
Italy (25064)
Tel: +39 030 2524 627
Fax: +39 030 2524 640
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MANENTIMACCHINE SRL is currently the official Importer of the European Community (2006/42/CE) for HTC and for HSI currently for the entire European Market.

The company MANENTIMACCHINE SRL, owned by Manenti brothers - a family which has worked in the Spring sector since the sixties - has its headquarters in northern Italy in Gussago (BRESCIA), where the Account and Sales Department, the Customer Service and the permanent Showroom are located, and where it is possible to examine our machines and products in operation. The Logistics Department for the distribution of the imported products all over Europe is also organized in Gussago, as well as the Spare Parts Warehouse, which can supply all the material necessary to the post- sales service of machines or furnaces.

The sales in the several European Markets are organized with the support of Agents living in some of these countries, who cooperate directly with Manentimacchine’s Sales Office. Thanks to the Showroom and to tool-workshop available at our seat in Gussago, we are able to perform Training, Demonstrations and Set-Ups. In 2005 MANENTIMACCHINE SRL expanded with the birth of MANTEK S.R.O., a branch Office in Czech Republic .

MANENTIMACCHNE SRL stands out because of the excellent Quality & Value of the products offered, the high quality of our services, as well as our serious commitment focused on working relations.

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