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Via Giacomo Puccini, 30
Besnate - VA
Italy (21010)
Tel: +39 0331 272279
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Manuel Testa
Products and services
Verification and Characterization of springs
CAL2D-50 - Camera spring length and diameter tester
LED2D - Automatic camera profile projector
LED3D - Camera instrument for three-dimensional analysis of compression springs
LED4D - Instrument for analysis of all forces and geometries of compression springs under load
CAL280 - Spring length caliper with electrical contact.
LED50 - Camera gauge for compression springs
SCR - Automatisches Kameramessgerät zur Profilkontrolle für große Stückzahlen
PMZ - Automatic springs load tester
PMA - Hand operated spring tester
PMK1 - High efficiency and quick load tester. Measurement system with integrated camera
PMG - Measuring instrument for springs for seals
MXM - Spring load tester for high loads
PTM - Hand operated torque tester
PTZ - Automatic motorized springs torque tester
PTX - Automatic high sensitivity torque tester
MCF - Extremely accurate load tester
PMF - Machine for high speed life test of compression and extension springs
RDZ - Automatic machine for setting of compression springs
MC54 - Automatic machine for the adjustment and testing of the spring loads
ASC20-SP - The practical solution for small spools
ASC500-SP - The easy solution for thin and medium wire spools. It does not requires mechanical means for loading
ASC1000-SP - The easy solution for medium and big wire spools
ASC100 - The flexible solution: three different configurations changeable by the operator
ASC250-600 - For 250 and 600 Kg spools and bundles
ASC1000 - For 1000 kg spools and bundles
FEN - Modular barrier system for operator’s safety
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History of MicroStudio
The history of MicroStudio began in 1988, when GiamPaolo Calafà installed a measurement camera at an Italian Spring manufacturer’s place. It was probably the first camera in the world mounted on a spring coiler. In 1991 the MicroStudio company was set up and established in Besnate. As time goes by, the market developed, the market share increased, the number of employees grew up proportionally. In 1999 the LED40 system was launched to revolutionize the spring control method on coiling machines. This system involves the use of cameras mounted directly on the spring coiler for the acquisition and analysis of the data of the spring under control.At the same time, the first spring load testers are designed and built.
In 2005 MicroStudio decided to organize the work inside the company by adopting a Quality Management System certified ISO 9001. The commercial growth and the increasing of the staff require a more organized and efficient work system. Meanwhile, the internal calibration laboratory comes to life, this is a strategic activity designed to complete the service provided to the customers and to ensure the delivery of machines with reliable performance and the best quality level.

The Mission
MicroStudio's mission is to offer solutions to the spring trade to solve the more and more binding quality problems requested by the end customers. The products and services offered are always based on cutting-edge technology, but easy to use. MicroStudio aims to represent the Italian and European reference point in the springs quality control field, real sophisticated measuring instruments built with the care and quality of a craftsman, but with the efficiency of a structured company. The pride of the company is represented by internal expertise: all components (mechanical, electronic and software) are designed and built in the company, without the need to supply specific knowledge outside. The great experience and the high-level of qualification permit to offer a customer’s service always of the highest level. 

- Calibration of measurement instruments: The calibration service offers the possibility to periodically submit the machines to a check of their performances.
A specialized technician performs on site all the procedures and surveys to ensure the conformity of the machine with the expected performances. The service includes the issuing and sending of a calibration report where the results are recorded. To better meet the needs of its customers, MicroStudio’s sales offices are always available to remind any deadlines and to define the terms of the related service.

- Verification and characterization of springs: MicroStudio offers a complete range of complementary services to complete the supply and installation of its instruments.
The spring characterization service offers to the customer the possibility of outsourcing the verification of their samples.
The control can take place in terms of: dimensional measurement, compression, extension or torque performance measurement or fatigue test.
MicroStudio is able to perform tests and verifications by providing to the customer the documented measurements of the tests carried out.

- Assistance: The assistance and maintenance service, efficient and responsive, allows the customer to have a punctual and immediate reaction to any problem, and is always available for any technical support or for any other need, being able to count on the preparation, experience and professionalism of his organization. 

Calibration laboratory
Quality standards always require more checks and inspections of measuring means. Furthermore, the verification of the good functionality of an instrument in general is not something that everyone can do, especially for the instruments for measuring the force of compression and torsion springs.
In order to offer the best customer service and to guarantee the perfect functionality of the instruments over time, MicroStudio has set up a calibration laboratory with an air-conditioned room for the storage of reference and work samples.
The calibration laboratory is in compliance with the rules required to be stated as a Reference center highly specialized in the calibration of spring load testers.
The laboratory is accredited according to the ISO / IEC 17025 standard and has become a LAT centre, able to provide calibration certificates for force transducers of spring load testers with a max capacity of 25kN.
The on-site service can also include routine checks and maintenance in order to guarantee the perfect and continuous use of your instruments.

For information and requests you can contact our calibration laboratory at the following address: calibration@microstudio.eu