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Presentation Mikrotek Machines Ltd.

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Established in the year 1993 by Mr. B.Kamal Babu, a technocrat and entrepreneur who raised Mikrotek as one of the top manufacturers of wire drawing dies and die polishing equipment in the world. For decades, Mikrotek’s name has become synonymous to the art of die making and die technology.

In today’s fast moving technology, Mikrotek has moved an edge forward to make dies which exceeds customers’ expectations. Trust, Quality, Assured deliveries and right choice of raw material are the key factors which has made Mikrotek globally Competitive. The company’s main aim is to produce quality products according to the customer’s requirement and to be a leader in providing enduring services to the customer.

Mikrotek is a modern company with its plant housing state-of-the- art machines that perform well designed intricate processes that amaze the world and delight the customers. Today Mikrotek is a world renowned company known for its transparency in dealings and reliability in producing quality precision drawing dies.

The Company is closely working for and producing an array of sophisticated products to every nook and corner in India and important nations of the world. The Customers are the beacons who tell us our bearings in the oceans of international business.
Being one of the preferred suppliers in the field of wire drawing dies, Mikrotek’s ever increasing demand from the customers , puts the company on a threshold to deliver at an enthralling speed and to quickly gear up to the customer’s needs.

The company’s product line includes Superfine Natural diamond dies (0.013 mm to 0.050 mm), Natural diamond dies, Mono diamond dies, Polycrystalline diamond dies, Shaving dies, Compacting dies, Tungsten carbide dies, Enameling dies with TC and PCD inserts, Reconditioning and re-polishing services. Related product line includes Diamond powder, Diamond Paste, Diamond suspension, Diamond angle pins, GHCS pins and measuring pin sets.

: With years of perseverance, Recently Mikrotek R&D team has come up with a new product known as ‘’SMP dies (Special Mikrotek PCD)’’ which is a boon to the wire drawing industry. These dies are suitable for hard wire drawing applications under dry drawing conditions which directly increases the productivity of the wire drawing industry without any extra investment increasing the profitability and return on capital to customer. These dies are cost effective as these dies are a substitute for TC dies which can be comfortably used under no re polishing condition.

Changes done to the historical die:

- Selection of PCD is based on application and to better customer expectations
- Customised the die profile to improve the flow of lubrication and smoothen wire drawing process
- Re enforcement of diamond is optimised to improve the heat transfer more efficiently in order to increase the wear resistance.
- For most of the drawing applications, only self supported & fine grain PCD blanks are used, which are less expensive without loosing any benefit of tungsten carbide supported TCS blank.

Why SMP dies?
- Extended die life from new and every resize
- More no of recuts beyond the recommended size of PCD manufacturers
- Less or no development of cracks and premature breakages
- Cost effective as these are substituting costly TCS PCD dies.
- Good wire surface for many kilometers of wire drawing.
- Retention of roundness for long time.
- Less downtime for drawing machine.
- Good for both Wet and Dry drawing.
- Substitutes TC dies for Carbon steel wires profitably.
- Can be comfortably used even under no re polishing conditions.

Even one advantage is enough to switch over to ‘SMP’ dies.