Mollificio PFM Srl

Via Sangallo, 3
Cerea - VR
Italy (37053)
Tel: +39 0442 333225
Fax: +39 0442 339490
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Presentation Mollificio PFM Srl

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P = Paolo: industrialization

F = Francesco: quality and experience

M = Massimo: production and sales

The project started in August 2001: combining experience to passion. We decided to keep up, satisfy and anticipate the needs of the companies located in the area around Verona (Italy), settling the base office in Cerea, ready to face the Italian market. The launch of the Company coincided with two major events:

- The fall of the Twin Towers in New York

- The introduction of the single European currency, the Euro.

The first was a tragic event that disrupted everybody's life. The markets were affected preventing any change for companies that were investing on us, too.

The introduction of Euro on the contrary brought a wave of change and the desire to start all over again.

The heart of the project was the direct and personal commitment: each one of us has contributed, both technically and economically.

This policy led PFM to resist and overcome the crisis of 2009 giving, as a result, a solid foundation to the Company.

In recent years the corporate structure has changed, but the strategy of Mariangela and Massimo is to continue the project of PFM according to the original "dream", sure to hold a candle to it.