Nuova Fer. Bo. Vil Srl

Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 81
Pusiano - CO
Italy (22030)
Tel: 031 4476283
Fax: 031 4476283
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Presentation Nuova Fer. Bo. Vil Srl

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Nuova Fer. Bo. Vil is an Italian company specializing in metal wire processing. A long-standing experience, combined with the ability to match effectively and efficiently each and every customer’s requirements, make Nuova Fer. Bo. Vil a reliable and high quality partner for everyone looking for customized processing.

The high-degree of specialization of the technical staff and the use of cutting-edge equipment allow to carry on different types of machining, ranging from wire welding to wire bending, to building and assembling of finished product, for a wide range of applications.

Major target sector include:

- household appliances
- furnishing
- food and livestock farming

Over the years, under the lead of the owner Gianbattista Villa, the company has experienced an incredibly positive trend of growth. A special care for details, high-quality standards and attention to the customer’s needs form the backbone behind NUova Fer. Bo. Vil’s entrepreneurial success.

By pursuing this Mission, the company was able to create consistent and fruitful relationships with prestigious customers, both on the national and international level.