Nuova T srl

Via Belvedere, 20
Pozzolo Formigaro - AL
Italy (15068)
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NuovaT manufactures natural diamond, monocrystalline and polycrystalline dies

Ever since Tifle turned into NuovaT (NuovaT stands for "new TIFLE"), we endeavoured to achieve the highest possible standards through research and innovation. We pride ourselves for the sintering processes, diamond and PCD selection and the range of complex internal shaping we adopt and tailor to different drawing materials. E.g.:

- Red and tinned copper
- Silvered copper
- Silver
- Gold
- Platinum
- Platinum/Iridium
- Aluminium and aluminium alloys
- Nickel/Chrome
- Tungsten
- Molybdenum
- Stainless steel
- High and low carbon steel

We can meet a wide range of diameter requirements from the smallest to the larger ones.

All operatives have many years of experience in all aspect of production methods. This coupled with intensive training in any new methodology ensures first class products.
Round wire sizes range from 0.030 mm to 30 mm.

NuovaT specialises in small diameters using matched elongation sets in both single and multi-wire machines, and manufactures also enamelling dies as well as shaped dies.