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Since 1976, we have always been at the leading edge in our innovations by anticipating the markets' needs.

Our philosophy has made us stand out since the beginning and in doing so, we are committed to total quality and pride in our products.

Our technical staff continually enhances and equips themselves with the most powerful and recent information systems available to them and in doing so, allows us to develop our machines to a far more superior technological capability. With an advanced technical staff committed to this quality and expertise, we are then able to suggest to our clients, technical and high-performing solutions that best meet their needs in all merchandising sectors.

All available machines are subject to our company's philosophy and guidelines. The machines must and are manufactured based on absolute maximum quality. This quality must come together from a technical, performance, environmental and finally a safety perspective. In bringing all these components together, we can offer machinery of unparalleled high quality with an excellent price/performance ratio that is unrivaled when compared to market standards.

In keeping with our company's philosophy, it is essential that our technicians, collaborators, operators, importers, agents and suppliers are knowledgeable and informed at all times so that a product or service is always provided which best satisfies any new request made. This is consistent with the prestigious role we enjoy as a Leader in this market that we have achieved and kept over the years.