OMF Officina Meccanica Frigerio SRL

Via Raffaello 6/11,
Cesana Brianza - LC
Italy (23861)
Tel: +39 031 658254
Fax: +39 031 658261
Contact person:
Romana Appiani
Presentation OMF Officina Meccanica Frigerio SRL

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 Officina Meccanica Frigerio has been specializing in mechanical machining since 1974. Located nearby Lecco, a very well known metalworking district in Italy, the company also supplies auxiliary drawing machinery. Our two core businesses are third party milling and boring operations, and manufacture of equipment and accessories for the wire industry.
Our product lines includes:

Rotating die-holders
Descaling machines for wire
Single orbiting brushing machines FA.SO.
Two head orbiting brushing machines FA.SO.

We believe personal commitment is our peculiar element of success. Do not hesitate to contact us for any requirements. Our flexibility allows us to satisfy all customer’s needs. Every machine is your machine, customized to meet specific production requirements, in terms of size, features, and positioning.