PS Costruzioni Meccaniche srl

Via De Capitanei 55/57,
Agrate Brianza - MB
Italy (20864)
Tel: +39 039 6898763
Fax: +39 039 6898769
Contact person:
Franco and Lorenzo
Presentation PS Costruzioni Meccaniche srl

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Founded in 1960 by Stefano Parma, PS Costruzioni Meccaniche is a world leader in packaging solutions for the wire and cable industry. More than sixty years of innovation-driven activity translate into consolidated industry experience.

PS has installed more than 680 semi-automatic and automatic lines for coil, reel, and cable winding in all five continents. In order to meet its customer's requests, the company employs a specific strategy encompassing several aspects. From the high-quality materials used to manufacture the single components of PS lines to the highly skilled company staff, PS can offer exceptionally versatile solutions for all needs.
Reliability is another notable plus of PS lines, designed to be durable and ensure production continuity.

It's also worth noting that all production phases (from design to implementation, including software development) are carried out internally, thus allowing complete control of the results. Thanks to its first-class after-sales service, the company can assist customers worldwide through advanced remote connection protocols. The continuous research of new technologies to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market completes the company strategy.

The result? A professional and trustworthy company, manufacturing excellent and reliable products.