QED Wire Lines Inc.

Route Harwood, 5261
Quebec - QC
Canada (J7V 0K2)
Tel: 1-450-458-1200
Fax: 1-450-458-0200
Contact person:
Gord Murray
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QED Wire Lines Inc. is a machine builder specializing in process lines for the steel wire industry. Our FastHeat™ Fluidbed Furnaces, HighTurbulence® Pickling Systems and Advanced Recuperative Burner Galvanizers offer proven performance in heat-treating, cleaning and coating of steel wire. We design innovative equipment with state-of-the art components that is ruggedly dependable.  We pride ourselves in providing truly excellent customer support; once a customer – always a customer. 

QED specializes in equipment for heat-treating, cleaning and coating of steel wire. Custom designed and built, our high speed lines are for galvanizing, Galfan®, patenting, annealing, and oil tempering processes. Combining innovative design concepts with 30 years practical experience, we have developed a range of products and equipment that is both technologically advanced and ruggedly dependable.QED has recently upgraded our proven fluidbed technology with proportional, closed-loop feedback and mass flow controls. The Siemens PLC based system provides much higher thermal efficiency and lower fuel costs than previous systems. Our fluidbeds operate from DV=120 to DV=240 and from 1.5 t/h to 8.0 t/h production with satisfied customers on six continents. Our latest development in galvanizing furnaces is the Advanced Recuperative Technology Mark 4 Immersion Burner. This burner offers dramatically higher combustion efficiency from a double pass pre-heat design with extended heat-transfer area. Constructed of stainless and high nickel alloy steels this modularly constructed burner offers an extended operating lifespan and reduced maintenance.

In addition to the fuel savings, our new burner runs with a cooler skin temperature providing a more pleasant working and maintenance environment.  The company also supplies the latest development in HighTurbulence® Pickling and Galvanizing technology.  Our multiple stage cleaning systems have high turbulence acid that greatly accelerates the pickling process.  Now with coating weight computer control, nitrogen wiping in galvanizing and Galfan offers significant savings and accuracy.