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REYS S.p.A. is an Italy-based company that researches, develops, and produces chemicals for the metalworking, water treatment, food hygiene, and industrial washing machines industries. The HQ is located in Arcore (Italy) and includes: the production plant, the warehouse, the laboratories, and the offices, with a total area of 8000 covered square meters.

A single partner for the total management of process chemicals
REYS’ end goal is to first and foremost support the customer and meet its specific needs. With this in mind, the company works to optimize productivity, processes, total costs, work environment, product consumption, and the amount of waste generated. Along with thousands of proprietary product formulations, REYS’ technical staff has the know-how needed to support its customers with additional services and supply equipment for specific technical applications.

REYS offers the ultimate technology applied to a wide range of manufacturing processes. The company is also ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 certified.

REYS contributes to the success and product quality of thousands of leading manufacturing companies in their respective industries.