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We are a young and dynamic company, our job hangs on a wire; if this wire is an enamelled wire, we don't have problems, because we are able to control all main features of it, being it dimensions, mechanical, elecrtrical, chemical and thermal properties.

No enamelled wire tested with our instruments passes further if isn't perfect; for this reason more and more magnet wire manufacturer are asking us not only for testing equipments according to the main international standards (IEC 60851, NEMA MW 1000, JIS C 3003, Etc.), but also for particular tests studied to be one step ahead in the future. Our points of force to work in this particular segment of market are flexibility to design and develop our projects - every equipment before being launched must have at least two solutions, to evaluate pros/cons.

We keep in mind ease and speed of use, a minimum request of maintenance, the look, because the eye candt needs to be taken in account and, last but not least, the cost: our equipment must be affordable to buy and to maintain.

Our technical assistance service supports the customer whether needed before selling, talking about the best solution according to its requirements, or after-sale, when also the littlest problem need a fast answer, never mind in which part of the world it could be.

Our laboratory is equipped with digital electronic instruments of the last generation, calibrated and certified by the most important European centers. This allows us to carry out the periodical calibration of the apparatus on field, avoiding extensive costs of shipping and time losses to the accredited centers, at very affordable prices.