Rodacciai Group

Via Giuseppe Roda, 1
Bosisio Parini - LC
Italy (23842)
Tel: +39 031 878111
Fax: +39 031 878312
Contact person:
Eleonora Martino
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Innovation as a driver for growth
The history of the Rodacciai Group began in Pusiano (Como, Italy) in 1956, when a charismatic and innovative entrepreneur, Giuseppe Roda, founded Trafileria Roda & C., a small company specializing in the cold drawing of steel bars. Following the installation of a hot processing plant specifically for leaded steel and the vertical integration of the production process, the company grew rapidly, expanding its product range.

Following the expansion of the various production sites in Italy and the acquisition of a steel mill specializing in the production of stainless steels in Spain, Rodacciai Group became a leading competitor on the international market, providing its customers with added value along the entire steel processing chain, from the supplier choice to the actual production.

The Group is currently made up of two main companies, plus numerous distribution companies, mainly located in Europe.

Rodacciai SpA
The Italian operating unit of the group, which includes two production sites, both in the province of Lecco (renowned wire district in Northern Italy). The Sirone site is dedicated to hot rolling, while the Bosisio Parini site deals with cold finishing of bars and coils. Together, they cover a wide range of applications, from hydraulics to automotive, transport, fittings, oil & gas, and welding, just to name a few.

Aceros Inoxidables Olarra S.A.
The Spanish operating unit of the group, located near Bilbao and specializing in the manufacture of stainless steel products. Initially founded as a simple steel mill, the company has since integrated its downstream offer with rolling products and heat treatments.

With production sites and sales offices spread across three continents (Europe, Asia and America) and in as many as twelve countries, the Rodacciai Group is an international leader in steel production and processing. The secret of their success? A wide and diversified range of high-quality products, a customer-oriented approach, the ability to anticipate market shifts, and a specialized staff driven by passion.
Transparency and integrity are the two guiding principles of the Group, at the basis of every operational decision.