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Ronconi SpA is a company with over 70 years experience in manufacturing precision carbon, chromium-molybdenum alloy and stainless seamless steel pipes.

The Company's mission has always been marked to promote customer satisfaction, aiming to provide a service along with a product, and to continuous development of processes and products according to the most recognized international standards. Purpose of the Company is to develop a relationship of continuity with our customers satisfying the different specifications they need. The company has a large and comprehensive range of systems that allow high production flexibility. The supply of raw material is by the most qualified European steel mills with established relationships for many years.

Ronconi SpA operates according to the most modern quality standards and has implemented actions to meet the requirements of the regulations through a Quality Manual and a set of procedures for the control of the process and product.

For energy and process tubes Ronconi SpA has obtained the PED 97/23/EC certification (Pressure Equipment Directive) for pressurized equipment and Approved Manufacturer in accordance with the code AD 2000-Merkblatt W0 by TÜV and many others with DNV and Germanischer Lloyd for production of pipes in chromium-molybdenum steel. For mechanical tubes Ronconi SpA has been approved by some of the leading manufacturers of automotive sector and/or their subcontractors.

The continuous refinement of the know-how, tested and certified according to the most modern international standards, ISO 9001-2008, allows Ronconi SpA to combine the very different needs of customers, from Engineering society to equipment manufacturers, up to producers of machines and components, while respecting the highest quality standards.

Ronconi SpA produces tubes with a wide range of sizes in carbon steel, chromium-molybdenum alloy steels up to stainless steel. The Company provides worldwide in different sectors.

In the energy field the main applications are heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, petrochemical industry and plant in general. In the mechanical field major applications are automotive (car and motorcycle), earth moving equipment with the supply of rods and cylinders, hydraulics, and mechanics in general.


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