Sala Punzoni srl

Via Mazzini,
Calolziocorte - LC
Italy (23801)
Tel: +39 0341 633237
Fax: +39 0341 633230
Contact person:
Paola e Alessandra
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Founded in 1966 in Olginate, a small village situated in the surroundings of Lecco, with the name of its founder Mr. Sala Giovanni, the company makes immediately a name for the high quality of its products, the professionalism, the flexibility and the skill in satisfying costumer’s various exigencies. At the end of the Eighties the society name changes from Sala Giovanni to Sala Punzoni S.r.l. and in the year 2000 the company moves to the actual plant in Calolziocorte, tripling the production department and the offices area. In 2006 the production department is further doubled because of the steady company development.
Figures and markets boost, but Sala Punzoni remains faithful to its principles and to its founder’s philosophy: investing in the most advanced technologies and innovations. Productive and planning processes as well as software programs are constantly updated according to the best available technologies in order to satisfy the growing quality standards that market requires. Since 2003 Sala Punzoni has also started manufacturing flat dies for thread rolling, a new commitment which has become necessary to satisfy clients’ new exigencies.
Today the company is leader in Italy and in the international market of special punches manufacturing. Sala Punzoni’s products can be used in the wire deformation field (for bolts and nuts, screws and extruded parts) as well as in sheet metal piercing and cupping branch and in the electronic, aeronautic and medical sector.

In order to manufacture its punches and flat dies SALA PUNZONI buys raw materials only from the most reliable steel makers. The planned controls during every step of manufacturing allow Sala Punzoni to satisfy every exigency specified by customer’s orders.
Production stages are recorded and followed by a modern and updated informatic systems allowing an easy and constant information exchange between company roles and departments, clients and suppliers, with the certainty of keeping the records forever.
All the products are marked with producer’s logo together with their manufacturing date to assure their traceability at every time.

Updated metrologic and hardness measuring equipments are placed in a lab with suitable environment conditions where you confirm the products measuring recorded during the different step of manufacturing. Precise machinery and profile calculus systems allow uniform and controlled working processes. SALA PUNZONI’s equipment are checked according to instruments whose certification is issued by international reliable labs. The company cooperates tightly with its clients in order to manufacture products that exactly fit their personal exigencies.

Thanks to its products’ high quality, the company has been rewarded with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification. Indeed, quality is for Sala Punzoni an overall aspect which affects every single company activity from the quality management system that follows strictly society’s and norms’ evolutions to raw material suppliers’ selection and to the best and motivating employee management system. Sala Punzoni manufactures its products according to specific customer’s request.