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Primaluna - LC
Italy (23819)
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Selva Fittings, a technical and technical, evolution that grew from a small business.

In 1954, Selva Antonio set up a family-run business in the village of Cortabbio, Primaluna, as a contract manufacturer using five automatic lathes to produce bars.
The 1970s saw the first signs of development within the company, when it increased its machinery and equipment and recruited more staff.
During the second half of the 1990s, significant changes came with the move to CNC machines.
Today, the company – while maintaining a number of mechanical machines – operates as a leading continuous-cycle contract manufacturer 24/7 with CNC machines, and handles around 50,000 units a day.
Selva Antonio & C. snc, ever sensitive to market requirements, has diversified and broadened its product range by adding the processing of AISI stainless steel grades 316, 304 and 303.
Another area the company has become active in is the production of moulded pipes (complete with fittings) available in copper, brass and stainless steel.

A state-of-the-art structure and Fleet of Manufacturing Machines. Our CNC lathe department contains machines from:




All of which are equipped with an IEMCA automatic bar loader able to handle bars of up to 80 millimetres.