Sirio Wire

Via Torino, 3/5
Varedo - MB
Italy (20814)
Tel: 0362573197
Contact person:
Thierry Heynen
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Sirio Wire is an Italy-based company specializing in wire surface treatment plants. Founded in 1998 from the partnership of two long-standing companies (Sirio srl and M+E srl), Sirio Wire is now an established brand name in the field of surface processing lines for a variety of industries, such as construction, aerospace, energy, and automotive.

Armed with a skilled background, the Sirio Wire team offers top-quality and cutting-edge chemical treatment systems. The company’s wide range of equipment includes electrolytic cleaning, electrolytic pickling, electrolytic phosphating, as well as coating and electroplating lines, which satisfy even the most challenging needs.

Customization is a crucial part of the services offered by Sirio Wire, as each project is tailored to fit any request. The customer is asked to define the activity together with the Sirio Wire experts, for an effective synergy between the two parties.

The company also provides assistance during and after each sales, and in case of damage to the components, a wide stock of spare parts is always available. With an extensive network of agents in 8 different countries - France, Germany, Sweden, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Russia - Sirio Wire expertise is acknowledged all over the world.