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SO.TEC is an engineering company mainly devoted to the design and supply of turnkey technological plants and units.

Since 1995 SO.TEC has designed coalescence technology for the filtration of oil mists and graphite coming from hot brass stamping and various mechanical operations, e.g. tooling and machining. More than 100 medium and big size industrial plants (up to 180.000m3/h capacity) are now installed both in Italy and abroad. This coalescence technology allows to eliminate the oil mist and pollution from air outlet.

The separated oils are collected inside the lower tanks of the filter units and can be re-used.

The filter unit has two filtration sections: the first section separates from the air inlet the solid particles and the biggest oil particles with dimensions greater than a micron; the second section separates the sub-micronics particles (that usually are 90% of the oil inside the air flow).

The separation efficiency of our plants is:
99,99% for particles with dimensions > 1,0µ
99,00% for particles with dimensions > 0,5µ
95,00% for particles with dimensions > 0,2µ

For oil mist separation from hot brass stamping (application burdened by the presence of graphite inside the oil) we guarantee emissions with oil content < 5mg/m3 and < 2mg/m3 for other mechanical applications with tool machines.

All the tests made on the exhaust air from our plants certify lower values than those guaranteed.

The high efficiency of our plants is coupled with a completely absence of “ordinary” maintenance; even those installed on the hardest applications require filter elements substitution after 2÷3 years; other plants, installed on mechanical applications with tool machines, are still working, always with a good efficiency, with the original filter elements after 12 years and without any maintenance.

SO.TEC designs all size plants according to specific Customer requirements.

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