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Four companies connected by steel drawing.

- FAR SPA is specialized in the production of high resistance tempered steel wire for the automotive or aerospace industry or, more in general, anywhere there is a use of elastic components in critical conditions with strong mechanical stresses. With a production range of microalloyed wires from ø2,00 to ø18,50, FAR S.p.A. is a reliable supplier for the best spring producers in the world.

- ITA SPA is one of the most dynamic realities in the field, with constant investments in research and development for the best customer satisfaction. The company supply phosphated and galvanized hard drawn steel wire for cables armouring, ACSR, telecommunication, lifting ropes, people transport ropes, fishing ropes, off-shore applications, hoses armouring, transmissions and production of springs for automotive industry and for technical springs.

- CB Trafilati Acciai SPA has earned the reputation of best producer of 2-3-7 wire strands. These low relaxation products are used  in the building of various structures: in pre-stressed concrete, such as industrial sheds and civil offices, railway sleepers, pipes for high pressure ducts, multi-level parking, prefabricated floor space and girders, post tensioned such as highway and railway viaducts, guyed and suspension bridges, and large-scale works in general.

- Metallurgica Alta Brianza SPA manufactures drawn, peeled and rolled, ground bars. MAB has set up the company identity on four main pillars: production capacity and flexibility, processing and product quality system, wide range of products, customer satisfaction.